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Courses often require students to apply theoretical knowledge through hands-on exposure to technology; when such courses are offered remotely, access to the equipment required to gain this exposure can impede the accomplishment of the stated course objective.
Scanner is a digital demonstrator prototype aimed at providing students an opportunity to gain hands-on learning experience by replacing a physical instrument when these physical instruments are not readily available. The laser scanner was applied in a building construction scenario. This served as a testbed for this digital demonstrator.
Scanner aims to enable equipment access to students in remote learning environments or in situations where access to equipment is restricted. Scanner can also be used as an instructional tool in a classroom setting to showcase the functionality of a laser scanner.

Development Methodology

The process of creating this digital demonstrator involved a needfinding phase and a design phase. The needfinding stage consisted of the identification of stakeholders and a pain point analysis for the knowledge transfer process. The results of the needfinding phase informed the design decisions that were made in the design phase. The design phase was carried out in Figma, a wireframing tool, where the wireframes were built. These wireframes were then carried over to Protopie, a high-fidelity prototyping tool, where the high-fidelity interactions were built. The digital demonstrator is viewed on a browser window that is hosted on Protopie cloud.
Figma and Protopie were used to bring the digital demonstrator to life

Documentation Overview

This documentation covers the two modes, the Access Mode and Assessment Mode, present in the digital demonstrator, an overview of the interface, and some common troubleshooting questions.
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