Onboarding is the process of familiarizing new users with a product, service, or application, and helping them get started with using it.

Motion Functions

Didactic Function
Structural Function
Guidance Function
Feedback Function
Aesthetic Function
Emotive Function
Onboarding is typically designed to provide users with a smooth and seamless experience using a new product or service. The primary function of an onboarding process is Didactic. The didactic functions of the onboarding process include graphical descriptions introducing users to critical features and functionalities, providing helpful tips and tutorials, or guiding users through a step-by-step process to complete a task. A graphical representation helps the users understand how the product aims to function and behave.
Along with the didactic functions of the onboarding process, the representation of instructions can be used to convey the structure and function of the information in the product. This is dependent on the information provided and can be used to guide the users.


Onboarding by Aaron Iker
In the Dona onboarding, the onboarding provides a didactic and structural function. The user gets educated on how to use the interface by calling out the visual appearance of the interface and keyboard shortcuts present in the product.
Mentorcam - Onboarding by Yup Nguyen
With the Mentorcam Onbarding, the animations provide a didactic reference for the user to understand the operation of the product. This piece also guides the users on the usage of the product and the features it presents.
Curated - How it works by Yup Nguyen
The onboarding for Curated is geared towards a more Aesthetic function. In this style, the user is presented with an experience of what using the product would look like, with aesthetics and abstraction playing a part in reducing the information needed to be conveyed.