Scanner Digital Demonstrator
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Assessment Mode

The assessment mode is a restricted functionality mode aimed at enabling instructors to assess student proficiency in the operation of the laser scanner device. This mode can be used for evaluation at both the formative and summative stages of assessments. While in this mode, the user has a randomly assigned scenario that they must navigate. Access to settings not pertaining to these scenarios are restricted in this mode.

For instructors

Instructors can gauge the proficiency of students in using the laser scanner in one of the two scenarios.

For Students

Students can gauge their own proficiency and ability to operate a laser scanner device. When the student demonstrates operational proficiency in the digital demonstrator, they are rewarded with a dataset identical to that a physical laser scanner device would provide at the successful completion of a laser scan activity. Students can then use this dataset to advance to the data processing and analysis which are outside the scope of this demonstrator.