Scan Parameters

Faded icons or menu options cannot be clicked on. These functionalities have not been built into this version of the prototype.

Scan Parameters are the different settings required for a given scan scenario. These include resolution and quality, user profile, scan area, and color mode.

Select Profile

The Select Profile button (1) lets the user choose from several presets for scanning built into the laser scanner.

Resolution / Quality

The Resolution and Quality button (2) lets the user choose their desired resolution and desired quality based upon their scanning needs.

Scan Area

The Scan Area button (3) allows the user to limit the area of scan capture.

Select Sensors

The Select Sensors button (4) allows the user to toggle on and off the sensors present in the laser scanner. These include an inclinometer, an altimeter, and a compass.

Scan with Color

Users may determine that they do not wish to scan in color as such is not beneficial to their task. For the purposes of this demonstrator, the scan with color option will always default to being turned on.

The Scan with Color button (5) allows the user to toggle between color and monochrome imagery depending on individual scanning needs.

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