Home Screen

The Home Screen is the main landing screen for the prototype and houses all the key interactions of the laser scanner simulator.

The Scan Button

The scan button is represented by the blue play circle (1). Clicking on this button initiates the scan.

Set Scan Parameters

The Parameters Button (2) lets the user choose from different settings that are required for a given scan scenario. These settings include resolution and quality, a user profile, the scan area, and the color mode.

View Scans

The view scan button (3) allows the user to see a preview of the scans that have been taken by the scanner. The user can select and view the information about the settings of the scans taken.


The manage button (4) allows the user to explore the settings of the scanner's user interface (UI) including the date and time, screensaver and language options. Users can also add projects under which their scans will be housed, see operators' details for the device and explore the different preset scanning profiles.


The help document link is only available in the Access Mode.

The help button (5) found in the top right corner of the home screen redirects users to this documentation if the users have any questions about the operation of the laser scanner simulator.

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