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Point Cloud Visualization

Once the settings are entered and the scans completed, a visualization of the environment in the form of a point cloud is created. This showcases how the output of the scans might be visualized. The point cloud is constructed using Unity's particle system. The point cloud simulates how a scanner might work in the real world by shooting particles at objects and creating points in 3D space.
High Resolution and High Quality Point Cloud
Depending on the resolution and quality settings, the users can see the point cloud of the scanned environment. A high-resolution point cloud takes a while to process but delivers a detailed result. Low-resolution point clouds process quickly but lack detail. Quality determines the preciseness of the point. As shown in the examples, both scans are high resolution, but the higher quality has more precision in the point cloud size, whereas the low quality has lower precision and therefore makes it harder to make out what is present in the environment.
High Resolution and Low Quality Point Cloud